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May 24 2017

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Zaczynam się zastanawiać, ile razy ja mijałem na ulicy kogoś, kto uciekał, czyj cały świat właśnie się rozpadł.
— Sabaa Tahir, Imperium Ognia
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May 16 2017

I think it’s probably no secret by now that I hate minimalism. I hate it as the incredibly-tedious piece of personal performance art it has come to be in our society, but I also hate it as an aesthetic: your white-on-white-on-white life and meticulously-crafted wardrobe of only the most wispy products Everlane and Aritzia have to offer are, frankly, a saltine cracker’s idea of what a Cool Girl would wear. In terms of its visual merits, or as a capital-S Style, the hyper-curated minimalism really only conveys one thing: “I wanted to take the very safest route to chic, cut away every possible misstep or risk. I saw the French Girl Chic articles and I was like… that’s pretty damn homogenous, but smoking tests poorly in focus groups and those occasional striped shirts are too bold. Time to reduce my look even further until literally every item I purchase tells people ‘I could get something more interesting, but I have enough money to choose not to.'”
Minimalism Is Just Another Boring Product Wealthy People Can Buy

May 08 2017

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some kid in my class next to me went to their calendar app and set a reminder on january 12th, 2058 at 7pm to die and then just closed it.

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April 25 2017

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April 20 2017

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My man Jesus

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